Private dance

Hot girl makes a private dance for bachelor party at the Darling Cabaret in Prague

Have you ever imagine to have a stripper just for yourself and enjoy it as much as you can? Without suspicious stares around? Are you shy? Or you just don’t like to share something that you can enjoy just by yourself? Don’t worry, our strippers will take care of you! The private dance can involve lap dancing, table dancing, lesbi show or any other kind of show like autoerotic. During the Lap dance, The girl can dance on your lap or she can make the dance on the table. If you wanna experience the private dance, do not forget to bring with you some tips. Ask the stuff for a Darling´s dollars which are used as tips. Believe us that you will need them when you will be looking at all the beauty. Get ready for a really real strip show with pole dancing, twerking and tumbling. Privacy is something hard to reach in these days but in Darling, your privacy is our priority. In Darling cabaret, we provide the best times for your mind, eyes and also taste. Don’t forget to enjoy some of the luxury whiskey labels during the private dance and invite your dream lady for a glass of champagne. Or a bottle?

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Private dance
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Private dance
Have stripper just for yourself and enjoy it as much as you can. Our hot girls will take care of you and make the best private dance in your life!