Strip show

Stripper dance the Latex show on the stage at the Darling cabaret in Prague. Sharp music, girls with whips, precise choreography and costumes made of latex.

Whether girls are wearing beautiful sailor costumes, or perhaps a little angel. You will learn what they hide underneath. Professional strip shows have its own choreography, lighting effects and, of course, carefully selected music. It is presented by beautiful sexy girls from all around the world. You can always be sure that you will enjoy the hot strippers in full glory.

The fun and wonderful experiences with more than 150 dancers, total on 5 stages. In the strip club, striptease shows take place continuously throughout the evening. At the Darling Cabaret, you can also enjoy the lap dance and private dance from the hot strippers.

Sexy strip story

Even if a strip show doesn’t seem like a form of art, it actually is one. In legislation, it is described in the same category as for example acting or dancing. In ancient Greece, strip show could be a move how to reach certain political aims. For example, Empress Theodora was a really good ruller and she reigned Byzation empire really wisely. She implemented many innovations and many laws in order to support women’s freedom. However, before she got married, she had been stripping during theater plays and geese were picking up grain from her naked body.

First strip show

First strip show as we know it these days took place in Paris in The Divan Fayonaud Music Hall and was called ‘Le Coucher d’Yvette’. One of the best strippers ever was a dancer originally from the Netherlands, Mata Hari. She danced even for the German intelligence service and she became a lover of many influential men of that age. However, she was not only beautiful but also naive. That’s why she was sentenced to death for betrayal and her story became an inspiration for both movies and literature.

Would like to discover different types of striptease, visit Strip Bar at the Darling Cabaret. Check out the other shows in Prague!

Strip show
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Strip show
Professional strip show is presented by hot girls. Sexy strippers perform lap dance and table dance right away on 5 stages!