More than 350 party sexy girls, hot dancers, and strippers visit the Darling Cabaret night club every day. From students to moms. They all love to entertain and meet new friends. Moreover, some sexy girls visit only a few times a year, some once a week, some almost every day at the night club. So, you know what? You can find here photos and videos of them! The Darling Cabaret hosts weekly events, where new amateur party sexy girls reveal themselves. And where shy hot girls become dragons of the night.

Here is always something to watch, from soft, ticklish performances to loud, stunning sexy ones. You will not only just see hot girls dancing on stage, but you can have a drink with them. Professional cabaret erotic shows with tailored costumes, incredibly hot strip shows, top shelf alcohol. Furthermore, there is the atmosphere which you can’t find anywhere else in Prague.

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