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“Turn Up the Excitement with Our Bodyguards’ Staged Kidnapping Package”

Looking for an adrenaline-fueled start to your evening? Our Bodyguards’ Staged Kidnapping package offers a unique thrill that combines a daring ‘kidnapping’, a wild ride to our club, and an intoxicating strip show.

What’s Inside the Package?

Our Bodyguards’ Staged Kidnapping package provides a mix of thrill, excitement, and entertainment:

  • Staged Kidnapping by Security: Our trained bodyguards will arrive at our club or a location of your choice for a playful, staged kidnapping of the stag. This edgier package is designed for the bold and adventurous.
  • Party Bus Ride: Following the ‘kidnapping’, you’ll all be whisked away to our club, heightening the excitement of your night.
  • Beer for Everyone: Each person on the bus will be greeted with a beer, setting the party mood.
  • Lesbian Strip Show: Adding to the thrill, you’ll enjoy a tantalizing lesbian strip show during your ride.

This package is designed for a group of up to six people.


This high-octane package, brimming with surprise, thrill, and fun, is available at a price of 12,990 CZK.

Create a night of daring surprises and exciting entertainment with our Bodyguards’ Staged Kidnapping package. Pre-order today for an unforgettable experience at our club!

12 990 CZK

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