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“Elevate Your Clubbing Experience with Our Party Bus Package”

Ready to get the party started before even stepping into the club? With our Party Bus package, you get a taste of the exciting night ahead during your ride to and from the club, anywhere in Prague.

What’s Inside the Package?

Our Party Bus package is designed for a group of up to eight people and includes:

  • Transportation: Enjoy a comfortable and fun ride to and from our strip club, no matter where you are in Prague.

  • Beer: Each person on the bus will be greeted with a beer to kickstart the evening.

The Party Bus is available for use anytime within our club’s opening hours, up until one hour before closing. This package is priced at an attractive 2990 CZK.

Ride only
2 990 CZK

“Add a Dash of Thrill to Your Journey with Our Party Bus with Strip Show Package”

Looking for something more exciting? Upgrade to our Party Bus with Strip Show package. In addition to all the offerings of our standard Party Bus package, you’ll get to enjoy a tantalizing lesbian strip show during your ride.

This upgraded experience is available for just 7990 CZK, ensuring your journey to our strip club is as memorable as the time spent inside.

7 990 CZK

Special Offer

Don’t hesitate to buy your ticket straight away and avoid waiting in line. The price includes priority entry to the club premises, a full-length program and a dressing room fee. Don’t forget to call our free transport, which is available from any place in Prague!

Get the party started early with our Party Bus packages. Pre-order today for a unique, unforgettable clubbing experience!

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