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Wrestling in the mud

“Add an Unforgettable Twist to Your Night with Our Wrestling in the Mud Package”

Seeking a unique blend of entertainment for your night out? Our Wrestling in the Mud package offers a one-of-a-kind spectacle that combines the thrill of a strip show with the fun of a wrestling match, all set in an exciting and playful mud environment.

What’s Inside the Package?

This exclusive package brings a mix of fun, thrill, and enjoyment:

  • Free Shot of Alcohol: Begin your night with a complimentary shot of alcohol for everyone in your group. Cheers to an unforgettable evening!
  • Lesbian Strip Show in Mud: Watch as our stunning performers put on a tantalizing lesbian strip show in mud, wrestling for the stag’s favor in a playful contest.
  • Admission Fee Included: Your entry to our club is already taken care of within this package, ensuring a seamless experience.

This unique package, full of entertainment and fun, is available for just 11,990 CZK. You are assured a memorable evening without the worry of additional costs.

Experience a different side of entertainment with our Wrestling in the Mud package. Book yours today for a truly distinctive and memorable night at our club!

11 990 CZK

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