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Alcohol Package

“Enhance Your Night Out with Our Exclusive Alcohol Package!”

Looking for an unforgettable night at our strip club? The Alcohol Package is your perfect companion. Designed with your entertainment in mind, it provides a rich selection of beverages to complement your evening.

What’s Inside the Package?

Our Alcohol Package is a tailored experience, offering:

  • Two 0.7L bottles of alcohol of your choice: Choose from an extensive range of spirits to match your taste.
  • 10 non-alcoholic beverages of your choice: Whether you prefer a soft drink or mineral water, cater to all with our diverse selection.
  • 10 beers of your choice: Choose from a variety of local and international brands for a rounded collection.
Unbeatable Pricing

As part of our pre-sale offer, we are presenting the Alcohol Package at an advantageous price of just 7990 CZK.

Special OFFER

Don’t hesitate to buy your ticket straight away and avoid waiting in line. The price includes priority entry to the club premises, a full-length program and a dressing room fee. Don’t forget to call our free transport, which is available from any place in Prague!

Indulge in a night of enjoyment with our Alcohol Package. Pre-order today for an exceptional experience at our strip club!

7 990 CZK

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